The 15 Best Places to Visit in India !


It’s so hard to write this post and narrow down my favorite places here so I will try my best to pen down all the places in this blog. There are epic tourist places in India that are worth seeing but there are also some smaller towns that I love to go to and have amazing experiences.

It’s not just about seeing the famous places in India, it’s about having cool experiences there – taking tours, cooking classes, trying massages, all of it! You can fill all your time with forts, palaces, and historical places in India but make sure that you really look around and see the beauty and go out and explore it!

As an Indian – here are my favorites for travelers who have no choice but to limit their destinations.

15 Best Places to Visit in India

1. Varanasi

varanasi sunrise things to do in india

Varanasi is by far the most unique place I’ve been in the entire world. This is where many Hindus come to be cremated, along the Ganges River. You will see sadhu’s like the man above, with human ashes on them.

2. Taj Mahal

Delhi to Agra: How to Make a Day Trip to the Taj Mahal from Delhi

The Taj Mahal is world famous for a reason – it’s stunning! It is included in the 7 wonders of the world & also known as the symbol of love. The Taj Mahal has different moods by that I means not the moods that we have : ), I mean shades like Taj is pinkish in the morning & Milky white in the evening. It is also said that beauty of Taj lies in the eyes of the beholder. Moreover, if you are planning to visit Taj Mahal then I would suggest you to go in the month of November( dates can be vary)  because during that month Taj Ballon festival takes place & take part in the festival in order to experience the breath holding view of Taj Mahal & Agra city from the hot air balloon.

3. Rann of Kutch

Best Places to Visit in India

This is where you’ll find the huge salt plains in India. There are also camps so if you want to do camping over there you can do that. Moreover, you can also have a camel ride & hot air balloon ride over there and can capture the most amazing view of sunrise & sunset.


4. Kaziranga National Park

Endangered One Horned Rhinos at Kaziringa National Park

There aren’t many rhinos left in the world (they are endangered) but this park has worked hard to repopulate them and keep them safe from poachers. Some people buy the horns for Chinese medicine, and poaching is a major issue.

5. Darjeeling

Best Places to Visit in India

Darjeeling is known for it’s rolling tea fields. It’s in West Bengal at the base of the Himalaya Mountains. This is where the Britishers would come for vacation back when they were in control of India. Make sure you ride the toy train and visit tea gardens.

6. Mysore

Image credit: Travel Triangle


Mysore is my favorite Indian city. There are so many parks like Brindavan gardens, so little traffic and the market is extraordinary! & you can also buy Silk sarees from any shop in the market but I would suggest you buy from the  Government Silk Weaving Factory because the prices are reasonable. Moreover, if you are a conservative- wildlife friendly tourist then make sure you visit Mysore zoo. Additionally, I would also suggest you to visit the  Mysore palace. Hence, it is the ideal location for the family trip.

7. Rishikesh

beatles in rishikesh birthplace of yoga tips

We all know by now that the Beatles and other celebs loved Rishikesh and came here to be with their guru and write. Still, it’s a place for yogis and hippies. The Ganges runs through the cute, busy, town. There are many activities which you can do such as : Rafting, Trekking ,camping & make sure you don`t forgot to visit laxman jhula.

8. Jaipur

Image credit: The History Hub.

Jaipur is all about luxury, royalty, princes, elephants, jewels, rugs, and indulgence at the many amazing restaurants and bars.It is also known as a pink city. jaipur is famous for many forts like Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, City Palace & many more forts. When u visit Jaipur then make sure you don`t forget to try the mouth watering  rajasthani food (Dal Bati Churma & Ghevar ).

9. Sikkim

Best Places to Visit in India

Sikkim is nestled into the Himalayas on the East side of India, all the way up by Bhutan and Nepal. The views are out of this world and you can visit Monasteries, trek, raft, or just stroll around in the cute little town.

10. Amritsar


The Golden Temple is in Amritsar, a unique Sikh temple (made of gold) that is the most stunning temple I’ve ever seen and a place that many make a pilgrimage to in their lives. You can also go to the Wagah border which is the last border checkpoint between India & Pakistan. Moreover, you can also watch the ceremony performed by Indian army.

11. Meghalaya

Best Places to Visit in Indiaimage by Ashwin Kumar

One of the few places on this list I haven’t yet been to but am dying to see – of all the beauty of India, the photos of this state make me want to visit so badly! The state name translates to “abode of clouds”. From Shillong to the Living Root bridge, if you love nature this is for you!

12. Shimla

Best Places to Visit in India

Shimla is a very popular hill station town in the Himalayas on the north-west side of India. It is stunning and it is a VERY small town. This was a vacation place for the British back in the day and today is a popular honeymoon destination in India. if you are a shopaholic then there are many places like Tibetan market & lower bazar moreover while shopping you can also admire the beauty of mountains. Additionally, if you are interested to view the British architecture then you should visit the Viceregal Lodge. If you are a coffee lover or even you are not then too also I would suggest you to visit the Indian Coffee House. there are also many other places like Annandale, Kufri, Mall Road, Himachal State Museum  & Kali Bari temple, which you should visit.

13. Jaisalmer

Image credit : Indian Eagle

While wandering around Rajasthan, you should absolutely make the trip out to Jaisalmer, near the Pakistan border. Here you can be in a city that seems like it’s made only out of the sand, with a huge fort towering over it, and go out on a camel safari in the Thar Desert. There is also a fort called  Jaisalmer Fort or Sonar Qilla. This fort is not like any other fort in India, It has shops for shopping, Hoets to stay & some ancient havelies (like Nathmal Ji ki Haveli & Salim Singh ki Haveli). Moreover, I would also suggest you to visit Tanot Mata ka Temple because it is believed that during 1965 Indo-Pak war, the temple was under heavy attack but none of the bombs exploded. However, there are many stories to it but now temple is managed by BSF Trust (Border Security Force). lastly, if you are a kind of a person who loves to watch war museums then u should visit Jaisalmer war Museum.

14. Leh

Best Places to Visit in India

Leh is said to be the most beautiful place not just in India, but in the world. You can trek through the snowy mountains, see crystal clear glacial lakes, or go on a safari to try and spot a snow leopard. My tip to you is to go from the bike in order to explore & enjoy the captivating view of leh.

15. Manali

best places to visit in india

Manali is kind of like Goa in the mountains. It’s seasonal, has very hippie vibes, and you could just chill at the many cafe’s runs by expats – OR you can go trekking, paragliding, and be really adventurous!


Hope you loved this stuff !